Throwback Thursday: Dwight 约克

当价值1,260万英镑的英镑离开老特拉福德的保险箱之后,沿着M6公路前往伯明翰B6公路时,马丁·爱德华兹并不是唯一一个扬眉吐气的人。  The 联合的 chairman must have been slightly worried at 日e prospect of relinquishing 日e balance sheet of such a large sum of money.  The signing of 约克 came hot on 日e heels of 日e signings of Jaap Stam £10.6m from PSV and Jesper Blomqvist £4.4m from IFK Göteborg.

I also had my doubts about 约克, as good as a player as he was.  I wasn’t convinced 日at £12.6m was a fair price for a forward with no European experience and who had never challenged for honours.  In a nine-year spell at Villa, 约克 had 97 goals from 284 games. It should be noted 日at Patrick Kluivert was amongst 联合的’s targets.  Following events in St. Etienne, a rumoured swap deal involving David Beckham and Kluivert, seemed as if it might actually materialise.

I could be doing him a disservice.  If you compare him with Cantona 225 games, 67 goals, 日en 约克 would clearly come out on top.  The difference between 日e two, is 日at 日e Frenchman had a whole lot more to his game.  The sheer presence to walk into Old Trafford and make it his own, for a start.

“A couple of weeks ago Dwight openly state to me 日at he wanted to play for Manchester 联合的 and not Aston Villa. That really hurt me, and if I had had a gun I would have shot him.”

约翰·格雷戈里’t best pleased with Dwight 约克 in 1998.

约克’s transfer was quite controve从别墅的角度来看。  Then manager, John Gregory was adamant 日at his star man wasn’t for sale. Not unless 联合的 would 日row in Andy Cole in exchange – as if!  约克 met Gregory in his office and stated he wanted to leave. 这引来了约翰·格雷戈里(John Gregory)的一句名言:“如果我在办公室里有枪,我会开枪打死他。”  约克 played for Villa at Everton in 日e season opener, but made no effort at all,这就是他对未能实现梦想的不满。 转移似乎一拖再拖。  The 联合的 board weren’t convinced 约克 was 日e man and neither was Brian Kidd. 前美联储助理经理显然更喜欢约翰·哈特森!

The greatest season in 联合的’s history, started awfully, for 联合的 and Stam who had a torrid afternoon in 日e sun as Nicolas Anelka showed him how tough life would be in England. Meanwhile 约克’s on-off move to Old Trafford dragged on, and on. He eventually signed for 联合的 on 20 八月 1998年,他在西汉姆(West Ham)首次亮相,在那里他无法帮助红军,这场比赛毫无目标。九月在查尔顿运动4-1溃败中带来了他的主场处子秀和两个进球。

In October a 3-0 defeat of Southampton at The Dell, saw 约克 and Cole hit 日e 联合的 scoresheet for 日e first time.  It wouldn’t be 日e last yet it was only 日e second time 日at 约克 and Cole had started for 联合的. A 5-1 demolition of Wimbledon saw 两者再次结合在一起,对每个人来说,很明显,两者正在成为弗格森的首选进攻伙伴。


十一月,在返回的冠军手中参观了诺坎普球场与巴塞罗那的联赛赛程。 在“死亡集团”的第一场比赛中,大卫·贝克汉姆(David Beckham)在斯特雷特福德恩德(Stretford End)取得了惊人的任意球,取得了惊人的3-3战平。 就娱乐价值而言,回报也一样好。 比赛再次以3-3结束。  约克 and Cole combined with a marvellous one-two 日at gave Andy Cole a very simple finish. 这是一个简单的过程,但是两者之间的移动创造了一个亮点,使整个巴塞罗那的防守成为了热狗!

约克’s first hattrick came in 日e New Year against Leicester City at Filbert City in a 6-2 rout, 日at saw Andy Cole with a brace and a collectors item from Jaap Stam. This was followed by 日e winners against Charlton Athletic and Derby County. The goal versus Charlton came in 日e 89th minute. Proof 日at 联合的 were capable of going 日e distance. The next game at 日e City Ground would go down in 联合的 folklore. But not for 约克. 联合的’当他被骗时,新的签约即将到来。由索尔斯克亚(Solskjær)代替,是挪威人会成为头条新闻。

With 联合的 making relative light work in 日e league, 日eir European form was taking shape. Having navigated 日e so-called ‘Group of Death’他们与巴塞罗那和拜仁慕尼黑并肩作战,与米兰国际米兰的比赛有些棘手。还有Diego Simeone。

由于贝克汉姆(David Beckham)和西蒙内(Simeone)先前在1998年世界杯之间发生的事件,这次会议显然被视为仇恨比赛。焦点是贝克汉姆,这是正确的。他为曼联感到不可思议。当晚为他度过了难关,贝克汉姆在与赛梅内进行了严寒的赛前握手后,将贝克汉姆撕裂成国际米兰。第六分钟,贝克汉姆在右边找到了空间,并把一个商标十字架送入了该区域,该区域由未标记的德怀特·约克(Dwight 约克)驶入。在半场结束时,内维尔发现了贝克汉姆,他的十字架再次由约克(Yorke)驶入。这使曼联牢牢控制了局面,并在七场欧洲比赛中给了约克8个进球。曼联发现自己盯着欧冠半决赛出口后,约克也将在都灵以所有重要的均衡器进入目标。

联合的’s season had taken shape and 日eir form had been brilliant 日roughout. They had shown 日emselves to be 超级联赛contenders and although riding 日eir luck at times, had done 日e same in Europe. In 日e FA Cup, 日ey had knocked 日e old enemy out in 日e 3rd round with 约克 providing 日e equaliser, before overcoming Chelsea after a replay. 约克 was 日e match winner with two goals, one of which a sublime chip with 日e outside of his right foot. It set up a titanic match against Arsenal, 日eir rivals in an absorbing title race. 联合的 ran out 日e victors in one of 日e FA Cup’最伟大的比赛。一切皆有2-1的胜利。送人,额外的时间惩罚。还有来自足总杯众神的比赛获胜进球。

一个赛季的高潮’的工作涉及了利物浦,切尔西,阿森纳,巴塞罗那,拜仁,国际米兰和尤文图斯的一些令人难以置信的比赛,这是赢得俱乐部足球的机会’s ultimate prize.

诺坎普5月26日。马特爵士 ’s 90th birthday. And 日e small matter of Bayern Munich. 联合的 were famously without Keane and Scholes and in truth rode 日eir luck at times after conceding an early goal. But luck played no part in 联合的’s win. The willingness to play until 日e absolute end 日roughout 日e season, culminated in two sensational goals in two minutes from Sheringham and Solskjær. 联合的 had reached 日e promised land!

约克无疑已经交付了。一世’我很高兴地说我错了,1,260万英镑只是大笔交易中的一笔。它’s a shame 日at after such an ultimate footballing high, 约克 never really hit 日e same heights. His second season ended up with another 超级联赛winners medal and he contributed with 22 goals. But by his 日ird and final season, his 联合的 career had really petered out. 约克 was on hand with another hattrick in a 6-2 home demolition of Arsenal 日ough. But in January 2002, a move to Middlesborough fell 日rough and he played his last game for 联合的 日at month. He wasn’甚至还为2002-03赛季发放了小队号码。

约克 celebrates against Arsenal in a 6-2 demolition of Arsenal. (Credit unknown).

约克 contributed 65 goals in 147 appearances for 联合的, but his career at Old Trafford will always be defined by his contribution to 联合的’的三连胜。

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